• What makes Unboardit different then other real estate search sites?

    Unboardit allows buyers to negotiate directly with sellers of distressed properties

  • Does Unboardit share my contact information?

    No, your information will not be shared with anyone other than the buyers and/or sellers that you are negotiating with. There is an option to encrypt your email address.

  • Are there any Real Estate agents associated with the listings on Unboardit?

    Most of the listings on Unboardit are created by the owner, however, some owners may have their properties represented by a real estate agent.

  • Does Unboardit charge any fees to list, search or make an offer on a property?

    Unboardit does not charge any fees to either buyers and/or sellers using the site or creating an account.

  • What are the next steps once a Buyer and Seller agree on the terms of a sale?

    The Buyer would typically submit a Contract of Sale, provide a deposit, identify a settlement company and proceed to the scheduled settlement date.

  • Do I need a Real Estate Agent to purchase a property on Unboardit?

    No, buyers can purchase real estate directly from sellers. However, you may want to research real estate contracts and consult with a Title Company on what information will be required in the Contract. Buyers could also consult with a real estate attorney.

  • Are buyers responsible for past due real estate taxes and or utilities?

    No, any past due real estate taxes and/or utilities costs will be pro-rated as of the date of settlement and paid by the seller.

  • Should buyers be concerned with housing code violations on a property they are interested in?

    Buyers of these properties should contact the local housing authority and obtain a list of any housing code violations and what steps would be required to address them.

  • Do properties need to be vacant and or distressed to be listed on Unboardit?

    Sellers can list properties in any condition on Unboardit. However, the focus of this site is for vacant and or distressed properties.

  • How soon does my listing expire?

    90 days. Sellers will be notified 30 days prior to the expiration date.

  • How can I delete my listing?

    You can delete your listing from your account homepage.

  • Can I save Listings to view later?

    Yes, you will first need to set up an account, and then click the heart symbol next to the listing you would like to view later.

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